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It’s no secret that fashion makes a “back to its roots” turn every now and again, so it’s no surprise that one of the hottest trends of the mid 2000’s is seeing plenty of attention today in 2018. Boho-chic was popularized by the likes of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and Mary-Kate Olsen, but has seen its share of trendiness throughout the 21st century. So, what is boho-chic?

boho jewelry

What is Boho Style Jewelry?

Boho is an abbreviated form of Bohemian, a style that is often associated with gypsies, earthiness, and free living. Channeling natural themes and vibrant colors, boho style is excellent for creating beauty that makes a statement. Chic, which was originally a French term meaning classy, has become a popular term for identifying stylishness and elegance in the modern fashion lexicon.



Boho-chic, then, is a cleaner, more modern and more refined form of the classic Bohemian style. It could be said that boho-chic is a natural look for the polished person who desires elegance and comfort at the same time.


So, how does Bellaboho deliver boho-chic to the Bella of today? In order to capture that boho aesthetic, we use themes of nature and spirituality in our jewelry pieces. Every piece is made for easy wearing, so you can stay comfortable and look fabulous. We also take a minimalist approach to all of our jewelry designs in order to preserve the delicate elegance one would expect from the chic aesthetic. We know that every Bella has a style of her own, and so our collection contains pieces that range all along the boho-chic scale, some with cleaner lines and a more simple, chic design, and some with the more natural themes of boho style.

Boho-chic works for you, brightening and complementing your own personal style and bringing out your natural beauty. Explore our collection today and see for yourself how boho-chic can bring new life to your look.

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boho jewelry


At Bellaboho, the bohemian aesthetic meets refined style to create incredibly versatile, minimalist pieces of jewelry for women, perfect for bringing out and accenting your own natural beauty.