Five Reasons October Should Officially Be Labelled Fall Fashion Month

Fall is here, and if you haven’t noticed, fear not, for the internet most assuredly has! And why shouldn’t it? Fall is great! The weather cools down, the leaves create a gorgeous display of colors, some of the best holidays of the year come around, and we all get to jump back into our cool weather clothes! I’d be lying if I told you the latter wasn’t my favorite part. We get the comfort and charm of a flannel with jeans, the warmth of an autumnal color palette, and boots and coats make their long-awaited return! Fall fashion is so great. Now that it’s October, we can really start getting into it. Why October? Well, Bellas, let me tell you. Here are five reasons why we should skip the pretense and just officially label October as “Fall Fashion Month”.

1-It’s the first full month of fall!

I feel like this one is pretty obvious. It’s the most seasonal choice. We go ahead and have fashion week and it sets the tone for fall trends, but this happens in September, while it’s still summer! September only gives us a week and a half of fall right at its end. Once October starts, that’s when you know it’s time to get your fall on (or get spooky, if you want to keep up with the internet).

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2. Fall fashion choices don’t make much sense until October

Piggybacking off of my first point, it’s not really fall until October hits. In most places it’s still pretty warm outside, the landscape hasn’t begun to shift to match that autumn color palette, essentially none of the things that cause fall fashion to make sense have happened. Once October comes around, that’s when the leaves start changing and the air starts to take on the cool crispness we know and love, begging you to put on a cute scarf and a coat to fend off the chill.

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3. Fall weather never gets more comfortable than in October

October strikes that magic balance between hot and cold. The summer heat has all but disappeared, but the real chilly weather has yet to come. So much of fashion has to do with what makes you comfortable with yourself, it only feels natural that the most comfortable month of the season should carry the banner of the season’s fashion.

4. It’s a month that’s already associated with playing dress-up

Actually though, people start getting excited to dress up as soon as the clock strikes midnight on September 30. Why wait until the last day of the month? You could even argue that after dedicating the first 30 days of the month to looking seasonally divine, using the last day of the month to get in that ghastly getup produces a much greater effect. It’s not just about the fashion, Bellas, it’s about building up to the greatest Halloween we’ve ever seen.

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5. The colors of fall foliage consistently peak in October

A significant part of any season’s fashion is the colors that will be featured for that season. Well, the colors of fall never get any better than they do in October! Travel and Leisure Magazine puts out an annual projection of when and where fall colors will peak throughout the season, and October consistently takes the cake with the most peaks. Let’s face it, November is great, but by the time it rolls around, the leaves have begun to decline and the weather has become chillier. When it comes to demonstrating the beauty and spirit of the season, no fall month does it better than October.


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