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The Onyx, one of my favorite gemstones!

Today, I send a little love note out to onyx, one of my favorite gemstones. I’ll explain the benefits it can give and the vibe it can bring to your outfit.

onyx meaning

Today, bellas, I want to send out a little love note to one of my favorite gemstones. Tucked into the Karma Collection are several pieces made with the dark and mysterious stone known as onyx.

Now onyx has gotten a bad rep in some places over the years, probably because it has that ominous look to it, but the truth is, onyx actually carries some of the best, most helpful energy! In many cultures onyx is considered to be a powerful ward against negative energy, fear in particular. Its deep black coloration may give it a threatening look, but the truth is that its soaking up all the threatening energy around you! Onyx would really make a great antihero in a movie starring gemstones (tucking that note away for my future career in film).

The other thing about onyx, it looks SO slick! With that jet-black color and the sheen it still carries, pieces like the Onyx Goddess Necklace and the Black Onyx Crystal Necklace lend a huge classy factor to your outfit. Fight your fears and take some of that sleek mystique for yourself bellas, black is always in style!

Onyx boho jewelry

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