The Happy Color is Making Waves

The Happy Color  is Making Waves.

The Happy Color is Making Waves

They say that yellow is the color of happiness. It’s the color of sunshine and butter and if you ask me, that’s pretty much all the convincing I need. Yet, I’ve gotten shade before for breaking out my happy color outfits. “It’s too bright” I’ve heard. Well, like all you beautiful, bold Bellas out there, I rock the heck out of whatever I think speaks ME because that’s who I am. And to anyone who still needs convincing that I’m doing it right, yellow has officially been caught trending at New York Fashion Week. That’s right, even the fashion pros are flashing the happy color.

Set to be the “it” color for spring and summer of 2019, the lovely shade of yellow known as “marigold” looks to be the choice color for spring gowns this upcoming year. Besides the fact that this could not be more appropriate for the explosion of sunny warmth and color that accompanies the turn of the spring season, this is truly a win for all of our happy vibes.

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Optimism, enlightenment, and happiness

The color has been shown to evoke feelings of optimism, enlightenment, and overall happiness. Seriously! Think of a stereotypical happy face image. What color is it? Yellow? Exactly. At a time where we’re all seeing more than our fair share of negativity in the news, the yellow wave is here to splash us all with a healthy dose of happiness

If flowing with the trends is for you, then get those marigolds ready, Bellas, because yellow  is set to be in all spring and summer long. If you’re like me and you don’t want to wait, well, you’re still hitting that trend anyway, because it’s totally in for the fall too! I like to wear my yellows in sundresses, cropped trousers, and shoes, but you can find a home for this bubbly color anywhere.

However you choose to wear it, the delicacy of the color is always complimented well by some delicate jewelry pieces to complete the outfit. When I rock my yellow looks, I like to go with similarly delicate pieces. The Vertical Bar Necklace, Boho Style Cross Necklace, and Dreams of Paris Necklace all do the trick fabulously.

Whether you’re into it for the fad, or you just love to pack a punch of positivity, it’s a great time to shine in yellow, Bellas!