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We’re  Plant Ladies  Now

cat ladies

Cat Ladies


If you’ve ever owned a cat, you’ve probably encountered the label of “cat lady” at some point. There’s no real shame to it, cats are beautiful animals and they make wonderful (if often indifferent) companions. It’s just the stigma that comes with being the “cat lady”. When you’re in high school or college you can have cats and it’s all good, but then you graduate and enter the real world and BOOM, that cat of yours just became a sign of social isolation and Friday nights spent knitting by the fire. Well, I’ve got a new lifestyle for you ladies, and it’s already becoming quite a popular trend. We’re not cat ladies anymore, Bellas. From now on, we’re plant ladies.

Think about it, plants don’t make a mess! They don’t shed or “mark their territory”. In fact, they can actually be a very effective means of beautifying your home and even increasing the air quality in your living space. Owning plants has also been linked to improved mood, health, and ability to focus!

Plants at Home


Having plants in your home means you like to care for things and you appreciate the beauty of nature, but you also know a thing or two about aesthetic. It’s also unlikely that anyone will look at your plant collection and see an obsession (unlike your herd of cats), since plants don’t require nearly as much time and energy. This is particularly true of cacti and succulents, which require almost nothing from you and also make excellent window sill décor.

The other thing about plants is that they are still living beings. Going for plants over cats won’t leave you entirely without companionship. Multiple studies show that plants respond very strongly to different types of energy. For example, if you wake up each day, say a warm hello to your plants, and tell them they’re looking lovely, they’ll grow and flourish much better than if you ignore them. That’s incentive to stay positive right there!

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If you’re ready to join the “plant lady” movement, you might want to give your jewelry collection a little update to match the new lifestyle! Try pieces that reflect the beauty of nature you’ve chosen to embrace, such as the Leaves in the Wind Necklace or the Serpent Necklace. Put on some silver or gold, give your plant friends some water, and soak in the good vibes. Power to the plant ladies!