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Rings A Bell (s)

The current popular trend of minimalist jewelry designs certainly makes no exception with rings. No other style brings more personality to the table while still maintaining such a chic aesthetic. Minimalist rings don’t overweigh your hands, but rather, they subtly draw attention to their delicate form, accentuating their natural beauty without creating too much noise.

A Tough Call With the Wide Variety of Rings!

Now, choosing the right ring to decorate your hands can be a tough call with the wide variety of rings available; in keeping up with the current trends, minimalistic designs which exude elegance yet provide comfort are the types of rings which you ought to opt for.

Variety of Rings

Indeed, minimalist rings work well for saying just enough without having to talk much at all. A glint of your personality adorns your fingers, and a gesture of the hand or a brush of your hair while you speak can make the phrase “talking with your hands” ring truer than you might have thought possible. A burst of color, a sparkle of gold, the curving form of a silver arrow wrapped about your finger, this is the language of rings, which broadcast your mood, your feelings, and your personality.

Selecting the rings that you wear in conjunction with the rest of your outfit can be a powerful way to amplify how much you can say. Blending colors, or contrasting them, and mingling elegant shapes with classy cuts or simpler forms with plainer designs can create different stylistic voices for your outfit. Regardless of your choice, bringing minimalist rings into your ensemble helps to create distinction in your look, and helps to show off your inner light all the brighter.

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At Bellaboho, the bohemian aesthetic meets refined style to create incredibly versatile, minimalist pieces of jewelry for women, perfect for bringing out and accenting your own natural beauty.