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Asymmetrical Skirts

One of my favorite unorthodox trends has returned, Bellas. The asymmetrical cut is back, and I could not be happier about it. Vogue pins the asymmetric look as golden for all those times we can’t quite decide on what to wear (why not checkered AND silk??) and I have to agree, although the power of the asymmetric skirt for me is that it allows us to channel a couple of different energies at once.

Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re trying to capture the professional look, but you’d also like to keep it sexy because that’s just the kind of energy you like to bring to the table. Well, the asymmetric skirt has you covered! The slit higher up on one leg shows a bit of extra skin, without going too far, while the longer side affirms to the world that you’re here to work, not to be stared at. You can achieve the same kind of versatility for other dual looks by going for asymmetric skirts of varying lengths and styles and paring them with different kinds of footwear, too.

These flexible fashion pieces are coming in hot right now in the warm colors and floral and animal prints of this season’s preference.

Still not 100 percent on how you can make this look yours this season? Allow me to paint a picture of today’s outfit for you. Today, I’m going with the floral print midi skirt, cut about 6 inches below the knee on my right leg to keep things classy while still letting my legs breathe in this fresh September air. My boho soul also just really loves a chance to break out the floral, it feels right. I’m pairing with nude heeled sandals and, naturally, a selection of boho-chic jewelry to set everything off. For this outfit, I’m keeping the boho flowing with the Gypsy Good Luck Coin Necklace and the No Bad Days and To Infinity and Beyond bracelets.

Your unique aesthetic matters, Bellas, so take this trend and make it your own! 

asymmetric skirt

A trend is merely a new world for you to play in how you see fit.