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Boho style: the timeless trend

The fashion trend known as “boho style” is one of the longest-staying looks in the world of fashion. With countless celebrity endorsements and just as many resurgences in the “it” trends over the years, boho style has proven it’s here to stay.

Boho (short for Bohemian) can trace its roots to the unconventional, freedom-loving styles of travelling gypsies. Throughout its history, it has become associated with those themes that come with people who live lives disconnected from mainstream society and closer to nature. Natural themes, bodily unrestrictive designs, and vibrant colors characterize the distinctive Bohemian look.

The comfort, freedom, and self-expression that the style affords have made it immensely popular over the years. In the 1960’s, it became synonymous with hippies, and each occasional resurgence of hippie style brings with it the influences of the style’s boho roots

The Boho Style and The Celebrity Influence

Like any major fashion trend, boho style has been buoyed by celebrity influence. The likes of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller brought a large amount of attention to it in the mid-2000’s, and celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens continue to propagate it to this day. As recently as this past August, fashion news sites have pegged Hudgens and even the high-profile singer and cultural icon Beyonce rocking boho style. Hudgens, who connects with a younger audience through her role in the High School Musical movie series, is a particularly important conduit between boho style and the next generation that will keep it alive. The actress/singer’s involvement in the world of fashion, combined with the profile of her entertainment/artistic career make her a powerful force for boho style.

Despite its offbeat origins, boho style continues to find love in mainstream fashion to this day, whether through celebrity influence or designer choice. Recently, large retailer Nordstrom released a new brand of boho-style clothing for women, praising the style for its ability to flatter all manner of body shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in being a part of the boho-style generation of 2018, Nordstrom could be a good place to start, however you can find boho clothing and jewelry all over the place. A simple online search will turn up countless brands, products, and advice on how best to rock this timeless style.
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